Bianca D'Errico

JOGA Ambassador since 2012 Vancouver, British Columbia

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Bianca grew up playing sports, snowboarding and doing ballet for over ten years. She later took to a regimented gym program that included kickboxing, running and lifting.

After graduation Bianca she was in a car accident that left her with debilitating soft tissue injuries. Part of her rehabilitation caused more damage and chronic pain through injection therapy that resulted in a punctured lung. After more than 6 years with no response to treatments and a sedentary lifestyle, Bianca was introduced to yoga and in less than one year, rehabilitated to an athletic practice.

Bianca soon realized a need for athletes to prehabilitate and rehabilitate by adding yoga to existing training. She received a BBA from Okanagan College and Yoga Teacher Training from Frog Lotus International; a highly accredited school with a primary focus on alignment, mind, body and breath balance. After yoga training Bianca was introduced to JOGA. She received her certification and began teaching several teams, athletes, chronic pain sufferers, pre and post-op clients in the Okanagan area. Her dedication, expertise and understanding of Joga have made her Western Canada's Master Joga Trainer.

Bianca's classes allow students to challenge their minds and bodies while maintaining focus; creating heightened body awareness. Her understanding of injuries, pain, rehabilitation and Joga make Bianca's classes highly successful. She also understands the stress and pressure athletes face, in addition to their passion for sport and uses this  as inspiration to create a challenging class with much needed components of relaxation. She is available and mobile for contracts within and around the Vancouver area to any person, team or sport.

Contact Bianca here to ask about classes or to learn more about Joga.