Janey Brown

JOGA Ambassador since 2012 Toronto, Ontario

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At a young age, Janey discovered the power, discipline and confidence that can be attained from being a student in martial arts. She trained for 8 years in Shorin-Ryu Karate Kickboxing in her hometown of Brockville, Ontario and achieved her black belt shortly before moving to Toronto.

Upon moving to the big city, Janey immediately put her skills to use by jumping into the health and fitness industry, where she's still involved in teaching group fitness classes and personal training.

Her background in martial arts contributes to her intense kickboxing, bootcamp and cardio classes, while her knowledge in personal training gives her body sculpt and core conditioning classes variety and technical quality.

Speed, strength and power are amazing and essential traits to possess as a fitness leader, but the elements are incomplete without the flexibility, balance and peace of mind that yoga offers.

Not long after teaching fitness full time, Janey experienced the side affects of her intense daily physical regimen, and was recommended to practice Yoga regularly for her injuries.

She immediately began training and learning from some of the best teachers in the city, not only to gain physical benefits and healing, but also to attain vital breathing techniques and a greater positive outlook on life.
It didn't take long for Janey to complete her Yoga Teacher certification, and start teaching in her favorite style of Yoga: Power.

Power Yoga allows her to explore different methods in conditioning, toning and strengthening the muscles and core, while still experiencing the length, balance and grace that a Yoga practice offers.

It was this very love for power Yoga that led Janey to discover uniquely designed "Joga".
After only doing a few classes with creator and founder- Jana Webb, she saw the benefits that the program could bring to athletes worldwide and the endless opportunities that would manifest, upon joining forces with the Joga Company. Thus, Janey wasted no time in completing her 30hr Joga certification and is proud to be a Joga Ambassador.

Since teaming up with Jana Webb, Janey has already been granted the experience of working with the Toronto Argonauts and has assisted and taught Joga classes with Canadian Olympic athletes present.

Her goals as a Joga Ambassador, are to continue working with high performance athletes and professional sports teams, as well as spread the good word of Joga worldwide!

Contact Janey here to ask about classes or to learn more about Joga.