Michelle Siu

JOGA Ambassador since 2012 Toronto, Ontario

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Michelle is constantly active, always looking for the next challenge and next adventure! Basketball, boxing, martial arts, snowboarding, golf, cycling, and running are just some of the things you’ll find her doing whenever she can find time. In 2009, Michelle began weight training with power lifter David Earle. Working with free weights (barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells), she saw significant changes to her body and became very interested in understanding the processes behind these results. She studied anatomy, nutrition and bioenergetics and that fall obtained her certification as a personal trainer. She currently works with private clients and groups training in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Michelle’s journey with yoga began back in 2002 with her first Ashtanga class, and from there she worked on developing her own yoga practice for 8 years before completing her yoga teacher certification in 2010. She enjoys practicing and teaching challenging Power and Flow style yoga classes, and co-created/co-teaches Hip Hop Yoga in Toronto with Amber LeScelle.

2010 was also the year Michelle discovered a serious passion for surfing on a trip to Costa Rica. It was like no other sport she had ever experienced and she found an immediate connection to yoga. Surfing is intensely physically challenging, amazingly humbling/grounding, and unbelievably emotionally rewarding. Michelle realized very quickly that everything she practiced regularly in yoga gave her an edge in this sport. Things like arm and core strength, balance, flexibility, focus, patience, respect, commitment, and determination, just to name a few. She began to tailor her yoga practice to help her excel in surfing and soon wondered… could yoga be used like this to compliment other sports/activities?

Michelle got her answer the first time she met Jana Webb. She knew it was for her as soon as she took her first JogaTM class and jumped at the opportunity to take the first JogaTM teacher training. Michelle completed her certification with Jana in fall of 2011 and is proud and excited to be a part of the JogaTM team!

Contact Michelle here to ask about classes or to learn more about Joga.